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Mariah & Kodi | Team Shop Dog Spotlight

Sidekick: Kodi
Breed: Aussiedoodle
Favorite Toy: Fluff & Tuff Olympia the Octopus
Favorite Treat: Bully Sticks from The Natural Dog Company
Favorite Food: Steve’s Real Food Frozen Raw Beef Patties with goats milk on top. Look for Raw Dog Food Recipes For Pitbulls and other Breeds.

Favorite Part of working at Shop Dog: I love working at Shop Dog because I can connect with everyone who comes in over our mutual love for dogs. It’s also nice knowing that I’m taking home products that Kodi not only loves, but that are the best for her. Lastly, my coworkers are amazing, so work is always a blast!

Our store name alone usually leaves customers assuming that we only carry products for dogs such dog security vest; however, we do carry a few of the best cat products on the market! We stock Fromm and Weruva cat foods, Zuke’s, Sojos, and Weruva cat treats, and USA-made, organic cat nip toys. As you all know, Etta, the Shop Dog, and her part-time pals, Hank and Beau, have the honor of testing all of Shop Dog’s new products, which also include some safe dog treats. So who is in charge of quality control of the cat products? That would be Simon Oliver, Hank’s cat brother and BFF (best feline friend). Simon was adopted from the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society almost two years ago and quickly adjusted to life with a dog. Hank and Simon have been best friends ever since, napping, playing, and even eating together. Simon loves testing all of the best cat products that your kitties are sure to love as well! His personal favorites include the barnyard knit toys with organic catnip, the Weruva freeze-dried chicken treats, and the bow tie collars. When he’s not testing new products, you can find him scaling the kitchen cupboards or sitting on a window sill monitoring bunny brigades. Stop in and check out our growing selection of kitty products!

Jillian & Molly | Team Shop Dog Spotlight

Sidekick: Molly
Breed: Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix

Fave Toy: Nandog Pet Gear Sloth
Fave Treat:  Icelandic+ Cod Chips
Fave Food: Fromm Rancherosa with either Steve’s Real Food frozen nuggets or Vita Essentials Freeze-Dried beef topper
Fave part of being part of Team Shop Dog: My favorite part about working at Shop Dog is learning about delicious and nutritious food and treats, then being able to spoil Molly with all the amazing things we carry! I also absolutely love meeting so many amazing dog owners and their pups, and having the opportunity to work with such a friendly and knowledgable staff!

Kaitlynn & Rowdy | Team Shop Dog Spotlight

Sidekick: Rowdy
Breed: Mini-Goldendoodle

Fave Toy: The Beach Ball made by Fluff and Tuff
Fave Treat: Pig Ears from Vital Essentials
Fave Food: Fromm’s Gamebird topped with Goat’s Milk Yogurt
Fave part of being part of Team Shop Dog: learning about all the amazing treats, toys, and food we offer. I like to trying them at home with Rowdy, so then I am able to recommend them to customers with a first hand experience. I also enjoy meeting new pups and customers, as well as working with a great staff!

You, me, & the dogs!

Our wedding day wouldn’t have been complete without Etta and Cahill. Thankful every day for our dogs bringing us together.

If I hadn’t found Etta at the Humane Society 7 years ago, I wouldn’t have had the passion to start Shop Dog, where we promote many dog products including a magic sofa cover you can find online. Caleb’s Golden Retriever Oakley passed away in the summer of 2017, which led him to visit Shop Dog for a new collar for his soon-to-be Springer, Cahill. Caleb won the all-time “cutest customer alert” from me, sorry doggies. We joked at the wedding that he came in for a dog collar and got a wife and Labradoodle, too!