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Earth Day Clean-up | McKennan Park

Join us on Sunday, April 22nd at McKennan Park for Earth Day. We’re going to clean up our favorite ‘hood. We’ll be separating into four volunteer groups to clean up each area surround the park. We’ll be providing garbage bags and each dog-owning volunteer will receive either a Shop Dog & Co. bandana or waste bag dispenser. This is a pet-friendly and kiddo-friendly event, so bring the whole crew!

Product Review | Elk Antler Chews

Finding a durable chew for a feisty puppy can be difficult without checkign the Blue Buffalo dog food reviews and feedback on similar supplies. My Golden-Doodle Ruby will destroy almost anything she can with her sharp teeth except for her elk antler, which she’s had for nearly six months.  Elk antlers are extremely durable and will last longer than a normal chew like a bully stick. Antlers are a great source of calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, and best of all they are great for cleaning teeth! Dogs are attracted to the bone marrow of the antler making them very palatable. Shop Dog carries antlers in all different shapes and sizes for only $3.50 per oz. If you are having trouble with your dog figuring out what to do with the antler, just put a little peanut butter or coconut oil on it for them find out how tasty chewing an antler is. Every year elk will shed their antlers because of the decrease in testosterone levels weakens the bones and tissues at the base of the antler causing the antler to fall off. The shedding of the antler is a quick and painless process. A new set grows back the following spring and can grow up to an inch a day! Kevin and Holly of Wags-A-Lot dog chews in Rapid City, South Dakota are our suppliers of elk antlers splits and burrs. Our antlers come from western South Dakota,Wyoming, and Colorado where Kevin and Holly along with their two horses, Slick and Doc, and their yellow lab, Boone, have been antler hunting antlers for years. Stop in and we would love to help you find the perfect antler for your dog!

Product Review | Fluff & Tuff Toys

When it’s time to play, the first thing Beau grabs is one of his Fluff & Tuff toys. These well-constructed, irresistible, and durable plush toys are made from premium materials that meet the same high standards as plush toys for children. While Fluff & Tuff toys are not marketed as being indestructible, durability is certainly still an important part of the equation. Fluff & Tuff’s unique construction methods significantly prolongs the life of its toys. A durable tuffweb mesh liner, along with concealed and double-stitched seams, make Fluff & Tuff toys a great choice for dogs that are typically hard on plush toys. Instead of cheap canvas and hard edges, Fluff & Tuff toys are made with high quality, non-toxic fabrics, tightly embroidered eyes, and long-lasting squeakers that are encased in sewn fabric pouches. The magic of these toys is the actual mouth-feel for dogs. All of these details make the toys last longer, but they also make them more fun for dogs to chew, chase, or cuddle. With Fluff & Tuff there is a wide variety of sizes, materials, and shapes to choose from. Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane you will find the perfect option for your dog. Beau’s favorite happens to be Lola the Flamingo. As the dog mom of a notoriously messy Boxer,  I also appreciate that Fluff & Tuff toys are machine washable! They come out looking like brand new and are ready for many more hours of play. Stop by Shop Dog today and we’ll help you find the perfect Fluff & Tuff toy for your favorite furry friend.



Product review & photo provide by Shop Dog staffer Grace and her lucky boy, Beau.