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Kaitlynn & Rowdy | Team Shop Dog Spotlight

Sidekick: Rowdy
Breed: Mini-Goldendoodle

Fave Toy: The Beach Ball made by Fluff and Tuff
Fave Treat: Pig Ears from Vital Essentials
Fave Food: Fromm’s Gamebird topped with Goat’s Milk Yogurt
Fave part of being part of Team Shop Dog: learning about all the amazing treats, toys, and food we offer. I like to trying them at home with Rowdy, so then I am able to recommend them to customers with a first hand experience. I also enjoy meeting new pups and customers, as well as working with a great staff!

You, me, & the dogs!

Our wedding day wouldn’t have been complete without Etta and Cahill. Thankful every day for our dogs bringing us together.

If I hadn’t found Etta at the Humane Society 7 years ago, I wouldn’t have had the passion to start Shop Dog. Caleb’s Golden Retriever Oakley passed away in the summer of 2017, which led him to visit Shop Dog for a new collar for his soon-to-be Springer, Cahill. Caleb won the all-time “cutest customer alert” from me, sorry doggies. We joked at the wedding that he came in for a dog collar and got a wife and Labradoodle, too!


Must Love Dogs

I’m so thankful for all the wonderful moments that have happened since I first opened the shop. On August 9th, 2017 the man of my dreams walked into the shop and I helped him find the perfect collar for his new Springer Spaniel. I tried to sneak a look at his card at the till. I had to know his name. He went back to work and spread the word that he’d just met the woman he’d marry someday.

We found one another again immediately; we’ve spoken every day since and our dogs are now inseparable.

In July, Caleb asked me to marry him! Here’s to love, dog lovers, and dog lovers in love! Yes! We’re so excited!


Dogs are also really good with kids.

Since dogs are super playful, they play well with little kids, little kids even get excited when picking cute boy dog names. When I was born, the husky my family had at the time knew to be extra careful around me. Nobody had to teach him that I was a sensitive little baby that he had to be careful around. They know when its playtime and they also know when to cuddle up and take a nap with kids. Seriously, puppies and babies cuddled up together is the sweetest sight.

 Dogs are so protective.

Seriously, I can’t think of another pet that will protect you and your family if someone strange is approaching your home. Dogs have a heightened sense of hearing and smell; therefore they can hear someone approaching before you can. A dog’s bark can not only alert you that someone sketchy is near, but will probably scare off said sketchy person as well. I don’t think a cat or a fish as a pet would do these things.

Summer Fun with Fido

Summer Fun with Fido. Check out The Hood Magazine Sioux Falls article on how to make the best of the summer months with your dog by your side.

Shop Dog tip: “We always recommend your dog has an updated and accurate identification tag for all trips. Make sure the identification tag has at least one cell phone number with an area code.”