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Product Feature | Wondercide

Spring is here and summer is just ahead of us! I am looking forward to spending more time outside with my dog, Rowdy. We enjoy hiking, biking, and spending our free time in our backyard. While being outside more, it is important to protect my best bud from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. The product I’ve been using for the last two years and will continue to use is Wondercide Flea & Tick spray for pets and home.

 I like this natural flea and tick treatment for Rowdy and my home, because it is proven to kill, repel, and prevent 98 – 100% of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes without harmful chemicals. Thanks to the Cedar Oil, the main active ingredient, Wondercide effectively kills the full life cycle of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. It is also gentle enough for me to apply on Rowdy 2-3 times a week and I also use it on his bed and harness. 

When applying Wondercide, just spray your dog’s body, legs, tail, belly, and armpits, then gently rub it in, you do not need to soak them. I also will spray some into my hands and the rub Wondercide on Rowdy’s ears and face. Avoiding his mouth, nose, and eyes. I also reapply Wondercide to Rowdy if I know we are going to a grassy or untreated area, and in that case I will apply to myself as well! 

I love how safe Wondercide is and I cannot recommend it enough to protect against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. It has done its job for Rowdy and I, and I hope you give it a try! Oh and did I mention is smells good too?

Wondercide is available in our boutique and on our online store!

Product review provided by Shop Dog staff Kaitlynn and her boy Rowdy.

Product Feature | Buba Water Buffalo Horns

If you have a dog then you know the love to chew is there. Whether it’s an edible chew or durable toy, our shop can help you find the perfect option! Our Buba water buffalo horn is a long lasting chew that allows for your dog’s favorite treats to be placed inside for a more interactive chew. More interaction means less destructive behavior from your dog. The horns are sourced from Northern India from a reliable exporter. This chew is great for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs as they are one ingredient, no preservatives, or antibiotics. It’s also a comfort to know these horns flake off rather then splinter. Our store stocks varying sizes of buffalo horns to accommodate your dogs needs from small to large. Buffalo horns will last anywhere from a few weeks to severals months. An amazing option to place inside the horns are our Stella & Chewy Dinner Patties or Wild Weenies. These treats are a freeze-dried raw treat that are not only healthy and nutritious but fit perfectly inside the Buba chews. Penny’s (my 20 pound Mini Golden Doodle) favorite flavors are the beef and duck. We do recommend monitoring your dog while chewing and take away the horn when it becomes too small for your dog and can be swallowed. Stop in today and ask our stellar staff to point you towards this durable and safe long lasting chew!

The Buba chews are available for purchase in our boutique or on our online store!

Product review and photos provided by Shop Dog staff Lyndsey and her girl Penny.


Product Feature | SodaPup-K9 Grenade

I am always on the lookout for new and exciting interactive toys for Cash, especially during this time when we are spending more time indoors. With him being such an aggressive chewer it can be extremely difficult finding toys that he can’t destroy. USA-K9 Grenade Treat Dispenser and Chew Toy by Sodapup is the answer for that! Sodapup believes in durability, safety, american made, and giving back. Their toys are made of the safest non-toxic rubber material available that has a high tear strength to resist destruction and made here in the USA. Not only are these toys great chew toys that are able to resist destruction, you can stuff the inside with treats to keep your pup entertained. Cash’s favorite is Fromm’s Crunchy’ O’s. They are the perfect size to get stuck inside to be just difficult enough to keep him interested. Fromm’s Crunchy O’s come in five different flavors. With only being 2 calories per treat, I am able to stuff the grenade with multiple treats and not feel guilty! Cash’s current favorite is the Banana Kablammas. If you notice the grenade needs to be cleaned, just pop it in the dishwasher. All of Sodapup’s toys are top rack dishwasher safe making cleanup a breeze! Sodapup has a large selection of different shaped interactive toys for all sizes and breeds of dogs.

The Grenade toy and Fromm treats are both available in our boutique and on our online store!

Product review and photos provided by Shop Dog staffer Victoria and her pal Cash.

Product Review | Kin + Kind Deodorizer

Spring brings rain, rain brings dirty, stinky dogs! Don’t worry, though, we can help with that. Kin + Kind has formulated a line of odor neutralizers to combat even the funkiest dog smell! These spritzers are hand mixed in the USA with essential oils and raw superfoods. They’re gentle enough to spray on your dog between baths, but strong enough to use as a room freshening spray. I also like to use mine on Hank’s bed, so there’s never any stinky dog odor lingering in my home. My favorite scent is the Bergamot Lime. The lime gives a nice fresh, clean aroma and the bergamot evens it out with a light woodsy note. This odor neutralizer also comes in calming lavender. Both scents can be used on your pet, furniture, and all around your home. They’re certified USDA organic and completely free of GMOs. Kin + Kind also makes gentle shampoos, nose and paw balms, ear cleaner, and flea and tick preventatives. Stop in soon to try some of their products for yourself!

These awesome sprays are available in our boutique and on our online store!

Product review provided by Shop Dog staffer Kelsi and her Golden Retriever Hank.

Product Review | Benebone

Benebone is a safe, durable chew toy to keep your crazy chewer occupied. Made in the USA with only the highest quality ingredients and materials, super tough nylon and food grade flavors! Dogs don’t have thumbs, so their products tend to be irregular in shape and ergonomic. Benebone comes in several different options.  The Wishbone is designed to be held with your dog’s paws, it comes in three different sizes and flavors, chicken, bacon and peanut butter. (The medium bacon wishbone is Gerald, my 55 pound Bulldog puppy’s, personal favorite) The maple and bacon stick is designed to imitate a stick with the benefit of added flavor and durability. Benebone recently developed a puppy line for those teething puppies under 30 pounds.  The puppy Benebone is a slightly softer material, designed for those teething pups.  The life of a Benebone can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. They’re bursting with flavor and 100% safe for your dog, but Benebones are chew toys and are not edible. If your Benebone is missing a chunk the size of a sugar cube or bigger its time to visit Shop Dog for a new one. Visit our online store for our Benebone selection, too!

Review provided by Shop Dog staffer Amanda, and her sweet boy Gerald.