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Product Feature | Buba Water Buffalo Horns

If you have a dog then you know the love to chew is there. Whether it’s an edible chew or durable toy, our shop can help you find the perfect option! Our Buba water buffalo horn is a long lasting chew that allows for your dog’s favorite treats to be placed inside for a more interactive chew. More interaction means less destructive behavior from your dog. The horns are sourced from Northern India from a reliable exporter. This chew is great for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs as they are one ingredient, no preservatives, or antibiotics. It’s also a comfort to know these horns flake off rather then splinter. Our store stocks varying sizes of buffalo horns to accommodate your dogs needs from small to large. Buffalo horns will last anywhere from a few weeks to severals months. An amazing option to place inside the horns are our Stella & Chewy Dinner Patties or Wild Weenies. These treats are a freeze-dried raw treat that are not only healthy and nutritious but fit perfectly inside the Buba chews. Penny’s (my 20 pound Mini Golden Doodle) favorite flavors are the beef and duck. We do recommend monitoring your dog while chewing and take away the horn when it becomes too small for your dog and can be swallowed. Stop in today and ask our stellar staff to point you towards this durable and safe long lasting chew!

The Buba chews are available for purchase in our boutique or on our online store!

Product review and photos provided by Shop Dog staff Lyndsey and her girl Penny.