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Product Review | Kin + Kind Deodorizer

Spring brings rain, rain brings dirty, stinky dogs! Don’t worry, though, we can help with that. Kin + Kind has formulated a line of odor neutralizers to combat even the funkiest dog smell! These spritzers are hand mixed in the USA with essential oils and raw superfoods. They’re gentle enough to spray on your dog between baths, but strong enough to use as a room freshening spray. I also like to use mine on Hank’s bed, so there’s never any stinky dog odor lingering in my home. My favorite scent is the Bergamot Lime. The lime gives a nice fresh, clean aroma and the bergamot evens it out with a light woodsy note. This odor neutralizer also comes in calming lavender. Both scents can be used on your pet, furniture, and all around your home. They’re certified USDA organic and completely free of GMOs. Kin + Kind also makes gentle shampoos, nose and paw balms, ear cleaner, and flea and tick preventatives. Stop in soon to try some of their products for yourself!

These awesome sprays are available in our boutique and on our online store!

Product review provided by Shop Dog staffer Kelsi and her Golden Retriever Hank.