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Product Review | Wondercide

It’s officially summertime which means it’s time to get outside with your pups! The best summer days are spent outside with your dog by your side. Keeping my dog, Beau, flea and tick-free is always a concern of mine. During my last camping trip I found multiple ticks on Beau, so I began researching how exactly flea and tick control works. I learned that the flea and tick control I get from Beau’s vet doesn’t actually repel fleas and ticks but it kills them once they have already bitten Beau. In addition, it has NO effect against mosquitoes. I was really stuck was that it can be dangerous to humans to touch their pets after some forms of flea and tick control are applied. I couldn’t wrap my mind around putting something directly onto my best friend that was dangerous for even me to touch. I knew I wanted a safer option not only for Beau but for myself, as well. Wondercide Flea and Tick Control was the answer to my concerns.
Wondercide’s Natural Flea and Tick Control is focused on providing natural and organic solutions for pets, people, and property. It was founded by inspirations from a husky mix named Luna. Luna became severely ill from pesticide poisoning in 2008 with symptoms ranging from skin issues to kidney failure. Luna’s mom, Stephanie Boone, did her research and founded Wondercide on natural principles. Today Luna is happy and healthy and just celebrated her 15th birthday. Wondercide flea and tick control provides a safe way to repel and kill fleas, ticks, AND mosquitoes on dogs by using cedar oil. (It can even be used on humans!) I love knowing that Wondercide is safe for Beau and that I don’t have to avoid touching him after I apply it. Did I mention it smells great, too? Using Wondercide is as simple as rubbing your dogs fur in the opposite direction that it grows and misting them with the product. Beau is now flea, tick, AND mosquito free on our outdoor adventures and I am worry free.

Wondercide is available in 4oz or 16oz option in lemongrass or lavender at Shop Dog Boutique.

Review provided by Shop Dog staffers, Grace and Beau.