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Product Review | Goat Milk Yogurt

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We have tons of great new options in our freezer, from raw marrow bones to frozen yogurts. One of the fun, super-nutritional options is the raw goat milk yogurt from Steve’s Real Food. This yogurt is a simple, yet effective, way to add raw nutrition to your pet’s diet. It’s full of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals that boost your pet’s immune system and promote healthy digestion. It also contains chia seeds which are known for absorbing toxins and keeping kidneys clean. Hank and Simon (my cat) both get yogurt added to their food as a topper, but you can also use it as a cool treat! It’s so important to add moisture to your pet’s diet and this is an easy and enticing way to do just that. Only containing three ingredients (raw goat milk, chia seeds, and coconut flour), this yogurt is super palatable and becoming a huge hit with our staff’s and customer’s pets! The yogurt comes in a convenient resealable pouch that stays good in the fridge for up to 21 days. You can purchase the raw goat’s milk yogurt in a 4 oz. pouch for $5 or the 16 oz. pouch for $14.

Product review provided by Shop Dog staffer, Kelsi.